Manage your subscriptions

In addition to adding all your subscriptions, with Controllo you can also manage them without any limit. In this tutorial you will learn how to edit and delete your subscriptions.

Locate subscription options

The subscriptions are represented in the form of a card and at the end of each one you will find an icon with three points that when you hover it shows two options: Edit and Delete.

Options for each subscription: Pay, Edit or Delete

Pay your subscription

When you press the Pay option, you are going to be redirected to the link you provide when you add the subscription.

Edit your subscriptions

When you press the Edit option, a form will open like the one shown when you want to add a new subscription, but it will contain the data of the selected subscription.

Editing a service

Now you can edit each field.

Subscription edited

When you are ready, press the Save button to save the changes and close the form.

Save button

Keep in mind that these fields are required and if you leave any blank you will not be able to continue.

Subscription edited and saved

Delete your subscriptions

When you press the Delete option, the subscription is deleted. Please note that this change is permanent and cannot be undone.